LineItems is a common object that you can find on Cart, Orders and Invoice Orders.
It contains all the info about the product in the state it was in when ordered, so changes to the current product being sold don't affect data in orders.


idintID of the item
product_idintProduct ID. The product might not exist anymore
titlestringTitle of the product
is_multiboolWhether product is multi variant
typestringType of the product
is_giftcardboolWhether product is a gift card
shipping_weightfloatShipping weight of the product
vendorstringVendor of the product
auto_fulfilmentboolWhether auto fulfilment is enabled for the product
track_inventoryboolWhether product tracks inventory
skustringSKU of the product
pricedecimalPrice of the product
compare_pricedecimalCompare price of the product
imagestringURL to the product image
image_max_sizeintMax size of the image. Refer to Images
variantarrayVariant info.
id (int)
variant (array of strings)
"data": {
  "id": 9554,
  "product_id": 269,
  "title": "Choker",
  "is_multi": true,
  "type": "Choker",
  "is_giftcard": false,
  "shipping_weight": 2,
  "vendor": null,
  "auto_fulfilment": false,
  "track_inventory": false,
  "sku": "M-WS1",
  "price": 13.94,
  "compare_price": 46.5,
  "image": null,
  "image_max_size": 7,
  "variant": {
    "id": 1185,
    "variant": [