Loads a list of customers or information on a single customer.

URL parameters

Parameters that you can append to the URL, for example: ?parameter=value

idintID of a single collection to load. Can be used after the slash.
load collection with ID 27
pageintNumber of the page to load. Defaults to 1No
sortstringOne or more attributes to sort the items by. Defaults to id descending.
For descending, add ! before the attribute name. For multiple attributes, separate them by commas.
sort by descending id
sizeintNumber of items per page. Defaults to 20No
expandstringRelations that should be extended.
Possible options: products, all
You can use multiple options separated by commas.
Load collections with products
Use all to load all relations.

Response attributes

Attributes that you will receive in response from the endpoint in JSON format, for example:
{"email": "[email protected]","first_name": "James"}

is_draftboolDefines whether collection is draft or publishedNo
descriptionstringCollection descriptionNo
imagesarray of integersArray of uploaded imagesNo
typeintegerType of collection:
0 - manually added products
1 - rules based
seo_titlestringSEO titleYes
seo_urlstringSEO url (e.g. collections/<:value>)Yes
seo_metastringSEO meta descriptionNo
match_productsarray of integersArray of products that were manually added to this collectionYes, when collection is manual, otherwise NO
rules_match_conditionintegerDefines the way of matching product rules:
0 - match at least one
1 - match all
Yes, when collection is rules-based, otherwise NO
rulesarray of objectsContains array of object defining rulesYes, when collection is rules-based, otherwise NO
rules.typeintegerField name
0 - product title
1 - product vendor
2 - product type
3 - product price
4 - product tag
5 - weight
6 - variant title
Yes, when collection is rules-based, otherwise NO
0 - is exactly
1 - starts with
2 - ends with
3 - contains
4 - does not contain
5 - is equal to
6 - not equal to
7 - greater than
8 - less than
Yes, when collection is rules-based, otherwise NO
rules.valuestring|integerValueYes, when collection is rules-based, otherwise NO
  "id": 10,
  "type": 1,
  "seo_url": "rules-based",
  "seo_title": "rules based",
  "title": "rules based",
  "description": "whatever",
  "rules_match_condition": 0,
  "rules": [
      "type": 0,
      "condition": 3,
      "value": "cat"
  "is_draft": false