CSV Order Templates

The purpose of this page is to allow you to create custom CSV export templates for orders. You can select a number of orders and export them into a custom CSV template.

Create Custom Template

To learn how to create the custom template follow the steps below:

1. From the Dashboard click Store setup



2. Then click CSV templates

The No Orders CSV Export Templates Yet page displays.


3. Click Create My First CSV Template

The Add a CSV template page displays.


4. Enter the desired template options:

Field NameDescription
Template name Enter a name for your template.
How to handle multiple items per order This is a 3 option selector that allows you to choose how to handle orders with multiple items per product.

Data can be split into separate rows, columns or put into a single cell depending on this selection.
Manage columns Click the Add column button to add empty boxes with column info such as the one in the screenshot below.

You can add variables listed on this page under Product variables and Order variables in a tag style input format.

You can also add static text into the box in combination with variables. When you starting typing a word that is not yet saved as a variable you should get a suggestion similar to the entered word (static text).


Multiple Variables

You can use multiple variables in one column box such as in screenshot below.


5. Click Save

The All CSV templates page displays. The new template is saved and now appears in the templates list with an Edit button enabled.

Edit Custom Template

To edit a previously created custom template follow the steps below:

1. From the All CSV templates page click Edit


2. Edit the template as required - you can edit the Template name, update how to handle multiple items, and edit, add or remove columns


3. Click Save


Deleting a Template

If you need to delete a previously created template the Delete button is located in the top right corner of the Edit page.

Example Use Case: Exporting Variants of a Product

An example of a useful CSV template could be to export variant names like color and size from multi-variant products.